Download UniPack Platinum Disco

Download :

Download UniPack Platinum Disco

Name Music : Platinum Disco

Artist : Nisemonogatari OP

Create File By : Todle

Re-Publisher : UniPad Project File

Button : 8x8

Chain : 4

Amount Sound : 95

Led : -

AutoPlay : √

SquareButton : True

LandScape : True

Size File : 16 Mb

Difficulty : Easy

Type File : Zip Or Rar

Upload : Google Drive

Link Download :

Nisemonogatari OP - Platinum

Link Download Emulator :


List Skin For UniPad :

List Skin UniPad

Link Download Extrack File :


Link More UniPack :

List UniPack

Link Tutorial About UniPack :

Tutorial About UniPack

List All Creator Or Contributor This Website :

List All Creator Or Contributor


Unipack Are A File Support for Application or Game UniPad. This application has 5 Element in it. Such Element Consists Of Sound, Keysound, AutoPlay, Led, and Info.

Sound which contains pieces - pieces of music that has been cut and is typically formatted in wav or mp3.

KeySound is the file to give orders to the Sound. so the order in need. where the button to play the music.

AutoPlay is a file to run or help you play the game or application UniPad. AutoPlay is arguably Demo From Unipack.

Led is the file that makes into a colored button. create a collaboration led greatly in priority to beautify a Unipack. so led are also needed to attract the players unipad.

File Info is a description stating the contents of Unipack Such. in this resource There are 7 Fields must On Content.

Among Other :

Name : Filled with A Name Or Song Title Made or will be created Being Unipack.

ProducerName : Filled with the name / Author / Author File Such.It's Needed Because many people do not appreciate the work of others by changing the name producerName.But we can overcome this. If you Work with Us. We can cope with it. Unipack a way to send files to us through Here or can send to We Have Rules Copyright and It Is Official Website Provider Unipack. and we Working with UniLab (Developer) To provide Copyrights In each of his Project Files.

Chain : Charged by the amount desired (fill with 8 because it was highly recommended). Chain Being on the side button To move or replace a place to open a new page (New Tab) on Unipack.

Button X : Filled with the amount that leads Down Button (Fill 8 is highly recommended).

Button Y : Filled with the amount that leads to the Side Button (Fill 8 is highly recommended).

SquareButton : True filled. If False then Will Full Screen. and the only button is only visible.

LandScape : True filled. If False then Will Full Screen. and the only button is only visible.

This alone might only description for Unipack. Enjoy your Downloads.

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