How To Make UniPack Same Launchpad

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How To Make UniPack Same Launchpad

    Hi guys . This time I will share a special tutorial for you. this is how I can be in October-November, 2016. we just created. prepare his ingredients.

Material :
- Audio Cutter (Recemonded For You). Click Here For Download
- VLC. Click Here
- Use File Manager
Root = Root explorer
No Root = ES File Explorer
- Code Velocity

Step 1 :

    Create 5 Element UniPack.if you do not know click here

Step 2 :

    we create sound. Before Create Sound. Your Download Video launchpad.if it please you see good any words were spoken in each key button it.

Example :
I use the word "Don't Let Me Down"
said Don't lie in Button ( X = 3 | Y = 4)
so please cut the word "Don't" and place it on the same button

and please record duration in the last cut.
Example :
Your Cut in Duration -

The duration please write in your notes.

And For Cutting Your add duration 1 Mili Seconds.So……

Example : -
If you want to cut the song. so like this : - 00.00.......

to put together same button launchpad. please open the video earlier. and play in VLC

and for visible anywhere. Please follow these steps to motion video.

His way of it this way:
1. Open VLC.
2. Select Video Who would Tadi In Create Project.
3. Play the Video
4. Search Icon Setting Video

5. Click the icon People Running

6. Then Cut Up 0.25 px

So, here it is :

If Already later, Definitely video was very slow. fine clay anywhere in the press. and create keysound.

Step 3 :

   You Make AutoPlay Same Launchpad.How to ? , and how if there are four fingers simultaneously in play ?.
you can make it. take it easy.
we carry. I use a duration - for example.

First we Less duration we have noted earlier.

Example :
–––––––––––– –

Soo duration is 358 mili seconds.

and putting it like this.

c 1
d 50
o 1 1
d 1
f 1 1
d 357
Why to 357?
Because 358 - 1 :D
1 is delay between o 1 1 and f 11.

if playing four fingers then like this.

c 1
d 50
o 1 1
o 2 2
o 3 2
o 4 4
d 1
f 1 1
f 2 2
f 3 3
f 4 4
d 357

you understand ? :D

Step 4 :

    Your Make LED Same Launchpad.This Tutorial Difficult Hard :v .

Picture = Code Velocity

Application = VLC and File Manager
Video = You Can download in Muviza,Stafaband your subscription to download videos from youtube.

Well To manufacture Launchpad Please you Play Same As In Step 4. nah when the video's play in VLC. and already px 0.25. each LED Appears you Pause and then play, pause again: v.

follow these steps:

1. Do not be in play once agan please pause and duration should last 00.00 Search icon set earlier.

2. Click the icon People Running

3. Then Cut Up 0.25 px

So, here it is :

4. Well Then agan play.

5. After you please direct play pause. then play again and then pause again. if you can, pause and play fast.

6. The time of pause, Please have a screenshot or you note :v. but I better screenshots.

So, here it is :

right had been 0.25 px. Do you play then direct you pause. if the led is already emerging please ScreenShot. if not play again

Play> Pause> Screenshot> Play> Pause ......

7. when finished.

8. please create led her and take our cues from the screenshot image.

Sorry I Bad English ^_^
Thank You Guys For You Support This Site
This Tutorial Give For Your ^_^

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Tutorial By : UniPad Project File {Lose Art}

CopyRight © Tutorial By UniPad Project File

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