How to Create Autoplay Unipack

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         Hi UniPaders, This time I will Forward How to Make Your Own UniPack. ok, now I'll make a tutorial How to Make AutoPlay, Hmm Here There are 2 Tutorial What Would I Say we just practice an easier way first.

Tools :

- Application UniPad
- File Manager/Root Explorer/Es Pengelola Berkas

Tutorial 1 (Easy)

Step 1 :

    Step One Open Applications UniPad

Step 2 :

    Open Your Project File (UniPack Your Created)

Step 3 :

     Please you check / checklist box labeled "Record"

Example Picture :

Step 4 :

       If It's In His Tick When You Play the Music That Has Been in Create Earlier, Can Be Told you play as usual (please play was smooth as possible for maximum results ^ _ ^)

Step 5 :

       If You Have Already Done Un-CheckList box labeled "Record"

Step 6 :

       If It Please You Out Of UniPad applications, and Open File Manager and locate the file named AutoPlay.

Step 7 :

      Open File AutoPlay Then you paste them there, Then Save finished ^ _ ^ .

Tutorial 2 (Hard)

Step 1 :

       Open File Manager and find the AutoPlay File.

Step 2 :

        Open AutoPlay File.

Step 3 :
        Now You Give Commands To Run AutoPlay.

Explanation :

d : Delay
o : On
f : of
and you have to understand the details X and Y coordinates, but you probably already know because previously I describe in this article on How to make keysound.

Example (Easy) :
d 50
o 1 3
d 26
f 1 3

d 50 = if the delay is placed at the beginning that means he will use autoplay Start after 50 ms (50 milliseconds)

o 1 3 = Button What will be in the press are at the coordinates 1 3 where the coordinates 1 is X and 3 Is Y

d 26 if the delay under the command on then it would mean Button On Dead Or Will Hit Again in different coordinate.

example if you press the command again :

d 50
o 1 3
d 26
o 5 3
d 12
f 1 3
f 5 3

and sign f 1 3 is a button which coordinates in one third will die.

Description: Do not give commands using a space except the coordinate command because if the coordinates are not given the space coordinates would not want to read? error.

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