how to create their own Unipack

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How to Make Your Own Unipack

          ok Guys, time's I Will Give Unipack How to Make Your Own.straight to.

ingredients :

1. Es Pengelola Penjelajah/Root Explorer/File Manager Can create a File.

2. Music you want as Unipack.

Ok Guys Let's Go To Create UniPack

Step 1 :

       Open your file manager Yang Support / Can make a File.

Step 2 :

       after opening please Create File and Folder reads / named :

Info   <<<< This File
Sounds   <<<< This Folder
KeySound   <<<< This File
autoPlay   <<<< This File
keyLed   <<<< This Folder

         Great small letters of the alphabet it simply equate to the above example, and Files and folders can be called 5 element.

Example For Image :

Ok Guys Next.

Step 3 :

           If Already making her File and Folder Have You Open File Info.

Step 4 :

            if it is opened please Create Code / His description. Code / Description of his like this :

title= (Fill with Singer / Artist and song name)
producerName= (Filled With this Unipack Author Name)
chain= (According filled tastes)
buttonX= (According filled tastes)
buttonY= (According filled tastes)
squareButton=true   <<<< are mandatory Like That
landscape=true   <<<< are mandatory Like That

Notice : in filling the data above do not use spaces

Example Image :

           and please open the first in unipad if there is no error then please make keysound, so first of me for the tutorial How to create KeySound And Sound please be patient to wait ^ _ ^, I apologize if there are errors wrong word written and can not be in understand, If Still Into trouble Please comment below this article

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